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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Hunters Moon is tonight at 7:38pm. There is a slight eclipse of the moon tonight, more easily seen in Europe and Africa. But take a look you might notice it! The height of the eclipse will be at 7:50pm

This full moon falls under the sign of Aries. For me personally, this particular full moon has been a time of revelation, evolution and connection with the angelic realm. Clients have also reported more healings and insights this week.
I have been wondering how to rise above the craziness and dysfunction of the world, yet have compassion  for everyone and everything in it. A tricky proposition! But I am finding my way with the help of Spirit. Any ideas, comments, or info. on this subject is welcome!

American Indian Names:
Cheyenne- Freeze Begins at the Streams Edge
Arapahoe: To Ripen
Lakota: Moon of Ripening
Zuni: Big Wind Moon
Enjoy the Moon!
Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT