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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Massage Technique for Reducing/Eliminating Pain

Hi Everyone,
I just spent the weekend learning a new massage treatment for reducing and even eliminating pain and sore knotted muscles called Strain/Counterstrain. My teacher, Helen Griggs CMT, director of Healing Spirits Massage School calls it the "Its amazing!" technique because thats often what people say after experiencing this treatment. Sure enough the last client I used this with exclaimed "Its amazing!" at the end of the session when he was able to turn his head easily and with no pain after suffering from a chronically sore, stiff neck for some time.

This technique is based on the principle that pain is decreased by holding the affected area in its position of greatest comfort (usually this means shortening the muscle) while at the same time applying pressure to the sorest point on the muscle. So for instance, if a clients neck is hurting you can turn the client's head toward the side that is hurting while maintaining strong, steady pressure on the sorest point of the muscle. The therapist then holds this position and pressure for at least ninety seconds.

This technique effectively retrains the nervous system from pain and tension to a more relaxed pain free state by stopping the pain reflex arc. When a muscle is chronically sore and tight the muscle sends a message to the spinal cord that it is irritated, in pain etc. and the spinal cord responds by sending a message for the muscle to tighten further. This phenomenon is called a "reflex" because the brain is left out of the process! Strain/counterstrain breaks this negative feedback loop so that the muscle can reset to a more relaxed state.

As both the client and therapist relax into a place of calm stillness while holding the point the therapist can direct healing intention with visualization and positive intent. As the therapist feels the muscle letting go she can direct the client's attention to the shift, thereby increasing the therapeutic effect. This loving focused attention is a very important part of the healing.

I would love to share this with you! Feel free to call or email if you have further questions.

Best Wishes,
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