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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice June 2014

The Summer Solstice occurs on Saturday June 21st at 4:51am MST.  At the Solstice, the sun is at its zenith.  The hours of sunlight are at their longest and shadows are at their shortest.

Summer Solstice is time to celebrate the strength and energy of the sun, light, fire and creativity. It is time of Spirit rising within!

 Some ways to celebrate are:

  • Arise before the sun rises and facing east, wait, meditate and as the sun rises draw that light into your body by breathing it in. Appreciate the abundance of your life.Once you feel the fullness of your life at is begin to dream, visualizing your dreams, hopes and desires. Any dreams visualized now will be driven by light and fire.
  • Fire Ceremony: Build a small fire in a safe  place. The fire is mirroring and helping the energy, light and fire of the Sun!  Dance and drum. Celebrate life at its fullest!
  • Burn and use essential Oils: Sun oils are Orange, Basil, Ginger, Frankincense, Rosemary

From a 5 Element point of view the Solstice is the middle of Summer. It is the time of utmost Yang energy. Yang energy embodies the attributes of daylight, Spirit, male, heat,outside of the body, and the Sun. Yin is cool, nighttime.  feminine, Earth,Soul., inside the body, and empty- ready to receive/  Yang is always becoming yin and yin is always becoming yin. We see this in the cycles of day and night. Daytime is always moving toward nighttime and nighttime is always moving toward daytime.

So when the Sun is at its utmost Yang it has the feeling of completion, fullness and stillness.  It is a  time to pause and feel the abundance of the earth and all that you have received. The word Solstice is the combination of 2 Latin words Sol and Stice which means Sun Stopping. From a 5 Elelment theory the sun never stops. But it does reach a sort of resting point where it begins to move toward Yin and darkness or Winter.

So take some time to celebrate this time of completion and power!

In Spirit,
Sue Schmidt CMT, C.Ht

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