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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Energy of Spring

Have you ever seen a plant growing out of a crack in a rock? 

That is the energy of Spring....pushing through. 

According to 5 Element Theory the impetus or beginning of Spring is manifesting now. The energy of Spring will build, expand and rise, like the rising sap in the trees and plants, untill the Equinox on March 20.

 At the Equinox, Spring is at its most full, embodying  all the energy of  plants pushing through ground, leaves unfurling, buds bursting, eggs hatching, baby animals being born and  is at its most fulfilled.
After the 20th, the energy of Spring begins to move toward the  ripening of Summer. 

 The Element associated with Spring is Wood Element: 
 Color: Green 
Organs: Liver and Gall Bladder
 Emotion: Anger and Power 
Wood governs the ligaments and tendons, "the wood" of the body Taste: Sour 

 The Wood Element helps us  to plan, store energy and to push through obstacles. It helps us to make our inner dreams manifest in the outer world. 

For many of us, the sudden warmth, growth, and busyness of Spring after the still, sleepy winter, can bring out feelings of impatience, irritability and a kind of shortness in speech and movement.

 For others, Spring wakes us up, makes us want to go outside into the world again, and emerge from our hibernation.

 I usually get energized in the spring and want to make everything happen NOW! (: 

During meditation today, I had the feeling of my energy field getting very strong and had an inkling of what it might be like to flow with the Energy of Spring from an inner place of expansion and power without the striving, impatience and pushiness of ego driven activity. It was feeling of expanding into the Energy and flowing with it. 

 How does Spring feel to you?

 All the Best, Sue

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Energy of Love

Mandala by Sue Schmidt
Valentine's Day is here and so  our minds and hearts turn to the subject of love. 

Personally, I feel a bit ambiguous about Valentine's Day. I like the opportunity to celebrate and so that includes all holidays. I like the idea of a small gift, a nice dinner, time with my husband.
On the other hand, Valentine's Day commercializes love and focuses on only one kind of love...romantic love. 

Valentine's Day  can be a tough day for some people. I think we set ourselves up to feel badly when we  focus on what we are receiving  or what we think others are receiving, instead being a generator of positive energy. 

 Love is the strongest force in our world. It is an energy that is warm, expansive and actually good for us on a physical level. Love feels good when we receive it. Love feels just as good when we give it.  Being a positive generator of loving energy is the same as being the recipient of loving energy.

 The emotion of love has positive effects on our neurotransmitters, brain wave frequencies, and heart rhythms. In fact, when we are in a state of love... our respiration, heart rhythms, and brain waves become coherent. Coherence is a state where the frequency and  amplitude of our oscillating heart, breath and brain waves are in sync.

Graph by The Heart Math Institute
Heart Math Institute

In a state of Coherence, our electromagnetic field  becomes stronger. Then the strength of our field acts as an amplifier of coherent energy that can help the  nervous systems of those around us into a calm,positive sate. 

When we are in a coherent state, the Sympathetic and Para Sympathetic nervous systems are balanced and we experience this as ease, confidence, and well being. 

Buddhists have always known and practiced the power of love. 

There is a Buddhist meditation known as Tonglen or Loving Kindness Meditation which trains the practitioner to be a generator of positive energy toward oneself and the world. Love can be consciously cultivated and nurtured with practice and intent. 

Please feel free to download the  free audio program  Loving Kindness Meditation. This practice will strengthen and sweeten your mind and heart. 

The binaural tones in embedded in the music in the program will guide your brain waves to the  Gamma Frequency where feelings of focus, bliss and compassion for self and others naturally arises.

Happy Valentines Day!