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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Creating Authentic Self Esteem: Step 1 Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love  
The first moment a baby opens her eyes and gazes into her mother’s eyes unconditional self love begins. When the infant is comforted when upset, fed when hungry, held and rocked the infant learns on a pre verbal level that she is worthy. As the baby learns and grows, she begins to push the envelope of moving away from Mom/ Dad. She runs across the room but looks back over her shoulder, “Are they still there? “ Yes they are and they are smiling!

As the child matures this envelope gets bigger and bigger but yet home base is still there. In this way, a secure attachment is formed that encourages, confidence, curiosity exploration and appropriate risk taking which leads to more self esteem in the world.

The late Maurice Sendak expressed this concept beautifully in his book “Where the Wild Things Are”. The little boy in the story left home, voyaged to a land where monsters threw a somewhat scary, yet fun party. But in the end he returns home to his own bed with dinner waiting.

For some of us, there was no loving gaze at that moment of our birth. Caretakers may not have been there or may have been inconsistently. Too little control and the child doesn’t know where home is. Too much control and curiosity and confidence are stifled. Of course, no one experiences perfect parenting. All of us had parents who were human beings first, before being our parents, with strengths and weaknesses. All of us were either abandoned at times and given too much freedom which led to trauma of some sort, or too tightly controlled or both. But for many of us it was “good enough” and so we ended up with “good enough” self esteem. Of course, more appropriate self worth is always good!

So if we did not develop enough unconditional love or want more what can we do? There are two ways we can cultivate Self Love :

1. Inner Child Work

2. Connection to Spirit

Inner Child Meditation:

All of us were children at one point so all of us have an inner child. This child lives in our sub conscious mind. It surprisingly easy to contact this child through an easy and simple meditation.

  • · Sit or lay down.

  • · Make sure your environment is safe, quiet and comfortable.

  • · Take in several deep breaths. Rest your hand on your belly and feel your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale.

  • · Allow your eyes to close

  • · Simply ask for your inner child to appear.  
You may speak out loud or just ask silently in your own mind. If you are not a particularly visual person, you may want a photo of yourself as a child that you can look at before you close your eyes. After a bit, images of yourself as a child. may appear or just one image. Or you may just have a feeling , a knowing that your inner child is there. Or you may hear her. It is possible that you may have no sense that your inner child is there. That’s fine. You will develop the ability to contact this part of yourself if you practice. But be assured that she is listening.
  • · Talk to the inner child.  
Tell her that she is loved just as she is, she is precious and whole. She doesn’t have to do anything, or be anything to receive this love.
The inner child may be scared of you and run away and that’s fine. She may want to be near but not touched. She may not appear at all but she still hears you. She may want to listen for a while then run away. She may run into your arms. Whatever the inner child wants to do is fine. You are beginning a relationship and like any relationship trust takes a while.
 Of course, if the inner child tells you she wants to eat an entire chocolate cake or do anything destructive, it is the job of the adult self i.e. YOU to say no just like you would to your own child.
  • Bring her into your heart and Listen Breathe into your physical heart and see there  there. Tell her she is now safe and that you are listening. Ask her if there is anything she wants or needs. Listen to what she says. She may send you message dream or anytime you are quiet.
  • · Close by thanking your inner child. Tell her you will be back. Thank yourself for taking the time to connect more deeply inside.
This meditation may take 5 min. or or as long as you would like. Personally, I take about 5-10min. every couple of days either in the morning before or I get up, or at night as I am falling asleep. It keeps me on an even keel, and feeling good.

It is very important to note that if you have had significant trauma, abuse, neglect as a child this may not be a safe or comfortable process. In that case, you NEED to contact a therapist to work with you on this so that you are not alone.

Your ability to connect with this child, improves as your practice. As your connection grows you will experience more and more unconditional love for self and others. You will find that you will naturally feel more peace and happiness, more playful, less judgemental of self and others. You will find you just have a innate feeling that the world is good, you are good and so is everyone else!

Make a commitment to only good things to yourself about yourself!
Sue Schmidt C.HT, CMT

Next time.....Connect to Spirit!!

**Note: I have used the pronoun “she” because it is easier than he/she. Obviously, either could apply.

Full Moon May 25 2013

Full Moon May 25 2013, Moon in Sagittarius, 
The moon is as close to the earth as it ever gets and is in straight alignment with sun and earth. Anyone having trouble sleeping?
Minor eclipse late
Lokata Name: Moon of the Green Leaves
Let the moon shine in your eyes. Its good for you! And dance a little too.(:
Sue Schmidt

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Create and Embrace Authentic Self Esteem

Self worth, self esteem, confidence..these are all words we use to describe the feeling of being grounded and centered in who we are. This is a 3rd chakra energy. When this energy is flowing and balanced we feel an expansion in our solar plexus and our feet on the earth. We feel like we can handle what life brings us gracefully.

Some people have an abundance of this expansive yet grounded energy. Some of us not enough and may experience self hatred.  Most of use feel pretty good about ourselves some days and not so good other days and this feeling is tied to what is externally going on at work, home and in our bodymind. 

How would it feel to be connected to our feeling  of intrinsic value no matter what is happening in the world? How can we change self loathing to self love?

There are 5 levels of Self Worth and each level has a corresponding action, attitude and/or meditation. These levels are:

1.Unconditional Self Love

2.Taking in Present Moment Worthiness

3.Taking in Past Worthiness

4.Creating Self Esteem through Right Action

5.Using your Own Yardstick 
I am going to discuss these 5 levels and include a meditation for each in a few different blogs. Unconditional Self Love coming tomorrow. 

 Enjoy and think good thoughts about you,

Sue Schmidt C.HT, CMT
(720) 890 7453

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Healing Meditation: The Power of the Subconscious Mind to Heal

was tired and distracted but really wanted to get my back deck in shape for summer. I was dragging furniture around, watering plants and definitely not being mindful. I stepped backwards onto an old glass window that covered a window well. The glass instantly shattered and my left leg plunged through the window. I fell to the deck and pulled my leg back out. Blood spurted in an arc and I saw a piece of glass sticking out of my leg below my left knee. I chanted my mantra, tried to breathe and called 911.

The medics were very kind and I was grateful for their patience, thoroughness and reassurance that I had done the right thing by calling them.

At the ER they didn't think much was wrong. The ER doc pulled out a small piece of glass protruding from my leg. I could still wiggle my toes, move my foot and could feel the ER doc's hand on my foot. But I felt something was very wrong. I was in a lot of pain and my calf was cramping intensely.

X Ray showed a 4 inch piece of glass embedded in my leg. It had entered below my knee and was protruding into my calf. I was told I would probably have to go to surgery. Luckily, I could still feel my foot and move my toes. I was so incredibly grateful for that.

A young Physician Assistant felt he could pull the glass from my leg. With some trepidation I told him to go ahead. I closed my eyes and said my mantra and surrendered. Occasionally, I would glance at him. He worked so carefully, with so much intention and focus. The nurses were nodding when they made eye contact with me and I felt reassured. He pulled the glass out with out damaging anything and all in one piece. So grateful! I wanted to hug him but settled on shaking his hand.

So home again...with instructions to take Percoset. It made me feel woozy and depressed and the leg still hurt like hell. I was worried about infection somewhat and had been told that was a concern.

The next morning, I listened to an MP3 I had created called Healing Meditation for my clients and website
 I fell into a deep sleep after listening and when I awoke I felt so much better! Less pain, and I felt much clearer and stronger. I have listened to the program at least four more times and every time I feel better. No need for pain meds now!

The subconscious mind has vast power to heal our bodies and resolve trauma. If you are in pain or suffering from an illness, first go to your doctor. Then activate your innate healing power by listening to a Healing Meditation. There are lots out there on the internet. 
So grateful to the ER docs, medics and western medicine in general. So grateful I didn't damage anything permanently. So grateful that we all have such vast power in our subconscious to heal.Q

Be Well and Be Careful,
Sue Schmidt
(720) 890 7453