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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Full Super Moon July 12 2014

Photo credits
Rebecca Lacey

The moon became full today at 5:25am MDT. This moon is a Super Moon which means that it is a full moon coinciding with perigee(the moon's closest orbit to the earth. Scientists tell us that this moon does not have any "super" effects on this. Although it does have effects on the earth such as larger than usual tides.

Personally...I feel the anything that effects the earth effects me! I do notice Super Moon in terms of being able to sleep soundly. I wasn't aware that this was a super moon until today but spent last  night tossing and turning. It was an opportunity to view the moon however!
Supposedly we are unable to discern the size difference of the Super Moon with our eyes. But as it is closer it does seem like it should be possible to notice that it is perhaps brighter? 

Some American Indians Names for the July full Moon are: 
Ripe Corn Moon --Cherokee
Hot Moon--Comanche
Full Buck Moon
Moon of the Home Dance--Hopi

The full moon is wonderful opportunity to stop for a moment and feel the completion of a cycle. With our endless to do lists and general business, it is a good reminder to pause, and just be. The full moon represents this clearly. It is also a time to celebrate and give thanks. We are so lucky to be alive on this earth. There are challenges and horrific things happen daily, and yet there is immense beauty everywhere. 

The full moon shines on everything equally...children being born, people dying, people celebrating, people in sorrow, everything is equal and full. 

We all share the same MOON!

In gratitude,