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Monday, October 21, 2013

Develop Your Intuition as Your Guidance System

All of us have intuition! I think it is less common that people actually use their intuition as guidance system. I am going to be posting a series on intuition, what it is and how to use it as your guidance system.. But first .....what is intuition ?
Intuition is a sixth sense we all posses. It is an inner knowing that is arrived at without evident rational thought. This knowing is beyond time and space and comes to us in various forms:
  • Clairaudience-Hearing
  • Clairvoyance-Seeing
  • Clairsentience-Knowing, feeling
Clairaudience is that soft, quiet voice that inspires, give us helpful information and sometimes warns us.
Clarivoyance is the information we receive in dreams and inner/outer vision. It can be just a flash of a mental image.
Clair sententience is a "gut feeling" and physical knowing about a person or situation or place.
What form does you intuition come to you as? It may be all three forms or you might have a special channel. All the clairs can be developed and refined. 
It is very important to know that all intuition is helpful, positive, loving and life enhancing. If you are getting information that would harm yourself or others this is NOT intuition and should not be acted upon.
There are many benefits to developing your intuition. Here are just a few:
Reduce stress and stop unecessary energy gains
-Increase your effectiveness at work
-Boost your creativity
-Enhance your communication with others
-Develop intuitive self guidance
-Facilitate the  decision making process
-Improve your health
-Improve your connection to Self and other and helping energies such as angels and spirit guides
I am hoping you will join me on this journey to explore intuition!
Next post we will delve further into intuition and begin to learn how we can use it daily.
One of the most important first steps is to really listen to your impressions, inner voice and feelings. You can keep a journal if you like.
Remember Spirit is always talking to each and everyone of you!!
Sue Schmidt C.hT, CMT

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Hunters Moon is tonight at 7:38pm. There is a slight eclipse of the moon tonight, more easily seen in Europe and Africa. But take a look you might notice it! The height of the eclipse will be at 7:50pm

This full moon falls under the sign of Aries. For me personally, this particular full moon has been a time of revelation, evolution and connection with the angelic realm. Clients have also reported more healings and insights this week.
I have been wondering how to rise above the craziness and dysfunction of the world, yet have compassion  for everyone and everything in it. A tricky proposition! But I am finding my way with the help of Spirit. Any ideas, comments, or info. on this subject is welcome!

American Indian Names:
Cheyenne- Freeze Begins at the Streams Edge
Arapahoe: To Ripen
Lakota: Moon of Ripening
Zuni: Big Wind Moon
Enjoy the Moon!
Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Floating on The River

Hi All,
Sorry for the silence. I've been busy creating a new mp3 White Light Meditation
White Light Meditation
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and also was out of town on a river trip on a portion of the Colorado River.

My husband and I were married on the Colorado River in 2009 and now every year do the same float trip to celebrate. It is time of renewed connection, love and deep appreciation of nature.
Rattle Snake Camp

The world of nature is imbued with energy. When we are living closing to nature,  we feel  this energy more clearly. Our emotional bodies are soothed by the rhythms of sun, moon, wind, water and earth. Our minds are quieted by the empty expanses of luminous skies.

Paddling on the river there are times where the current takes me effortlessly exactly in the direction I want to go. At times, I have to make a few strokes to catch just the right stream. And sometime I have to really hustle and work to paddle against the wind or avoid that rock that suddenly appeared. It is a metaphor for life. This is a time to float, to work with the flow and sometimes work like hell when we have to.

More coming soon. I am teaching  a course the Art and Science of Happiness and will be blogging about related topics.

Be well and enjoy your life. It is yours and the only one you have.

Row row row your boat 
merrily down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream

Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT