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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chi Kung

Chi Kung originated in China thousands of years ago. The word chi means "energy" and the word kung means "cultivation of" so Chi Kung means the cultivation of energy. The energy of the practitioner is strengthened and balanced by practicing gentle flowing movements typically done outside in nature. It can also be practiced as a sitting meditation. It is easy, even for a beginner, to feel energy between the palms of the hands. People commonly feel this energy as a tingling warmth or like their hands are connected by an invisible rubber band. It can sometimes feel like the practitioner is holding a ball of energy that has weight and substance. When this energy is directed with intent to heal it becomes a powerful healing force for physical and emotional issues.

Chi Kung is based on the theory that everything is comprised of energy including ourselves! We constantly interact with that energy that surrounds us. We take in energy from the food we eat, the water we drink, the relationships and activities we engage in. This energy exchange is reciprocal with our environment.

We breathe in the oxygen the plants and trees release into the atmosphere. The plants take in the CO2 we release. We are a integral part of a vast eco system, both processing incoming energy from this system and adding to the energy field with our own life force. We are as much a part of the eco system of life as tree or a rock or a rushing stream. We both process incoming energy and send out energy in the form of thought, intent and as a by product of our life force and electromagnetic field. We are a part the web of life, nor more important or less important than any other life form.

When we practice chi kung our energy field becomes strong, resilient and balanced. When we have a strong balanced energy field we experience health, feelings of well being and strength, confidence and wholeness. I have been a mediator for about 35 years and I find that chi kung more than any other practice brings a sense of balance, ease and happiness.

When I practice chi kung regularly I see energy emanating from trees and plants. It looks like a web of white lines that are vibrating or sometimes appears like millions or perhaps billions of tiny vibrating particles of white light. This energy exists inside of us and all around us and is the basis from which all life comes.When we connect to this vital life force it benefits us and everyone we come into contact with on all levels of our being.