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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Equinox: The Energy of Balance

Spring Dream by Sue Schmidt

Happy Spring Everyone!

There is alot happening in the next 24 hrs! The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20 at 4:45 central mountain time. And in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, the moon is passing in front of the sun to create a solar eclipse.

Many people feel that Spring begins on the Equinox. Five Element theory says that the Equinox is the  middle of spring.  It is the time shen spring energy is at its strongest,  before it  begins to fade into the energy of summer. But.... everyone can feel the warmer breezes, see bulbs coming up, sense a faint shade of  green in the trees, and just a general quickening of life.

We know that the Equinox is created by the relationship  of the earth's axis and orbit to the sun. At the Equinox the earth's axis and its orbit around the sun interact in such way that the earth is not tilted away or toward the sun. This why at the Equinox day and night are roughly the same length.

From a Chi Kung perspective,  we are energetically connected to the  earth and celestial environs. At the Equinox, the earth is in balance on its axis, day and night are in balance, and so the energy of balance  is more apparent and available to us now.

Try this meditation, if you like, tomorrow evening to enliven, integrate and feel the Energy of Balance. 

Energy of Balance Meditation by Sue Schmidt

1. Begin by sitting or lying down somewhere comfortable and safe.

2. Close your eyes and resting your hands on your belly, feel yourself breathing. Begin to gently relax into your breath, letting it become softer, deeper and slower.

3. Let your body relax into the surface beneath you. If you are in a chair or bed, allow yourself to relax downward, through the furniture,  into the earth. If you are laying or sitting on the floor or ground let yourself sink into the earth.

4. Letting your eyes remain closed, become aware of the center of your forehead. Breathing in through your nose gently feel and relax center of the forehead with your breath. Do this for 3 breath cycles.

5. Then move your awareness into the center of your chest. Breathing in through your nose gently feel and relax the center of  your chest with your breath. Do this for 3 breath cycles.

6.  Then move your awareness into the center of your belly.  Breathing in through your nose,  gently feel and relax  the center of your belly  with your breath. Do this for 3 breath cycles.

Then move your awareness into the center of your perineum (pelvic floor).   Breathing in through your nose,  gently feel and relax  the center of your perineum with your breath. Do this for 3 breath cycles.

7. Now, feel the earth beneath you. Let your awareness move downward through the earth's layers into its molten core. You may see this in your minds eye and feel it.

8. Now, become aware of the sun, moon, planet and stars above. There is infinite space above you.

9. Now, feel yourself in the center or earth and the sky above. Try to feel all your centers: forehead, center of chest, center of belly, center of perineum all at once,breathing into all equally.

10 Finally, let your awareness drop into the your belly and relax your whole body and breath. Just feel yourself here, balanced and aware.


Sue Schmidt Certified Hypnotherapist

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