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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Create and Embrace Authentic Self Esteem

Self worth, self esteem, confidence..these are all words we use to describe the feeling of being grounded and centered in who we are. This is a 3rd chakra energy. When this energy is flowing and balanced we feel an expansion in our solar plexus and our feet on the earth. We feel like we can handle what life brings us gracefully.

Some people have an abundance of this expansive yet grounded energy. Some of us not enough and may experience self hatred.  Most of use feel pretty good about ourselves some days and not so good other days and this feeling is tied to what is externally going on at work, home and in our bodymind. 

How would it feel to be connected to our feeling  of intrinsic value no matter what is happening in the world? How can we change self loathing to self love?

There are 5 levels of Self Worth and each level has a corresponding action, attitude and/or meditation. These levels are:

1.Unconditional Self Love

2.Taking in Present Moment Worthiness

3.Taking in Past Worthiness

4.Creating Self Esteem through Right Action

5.Using your Own Yardstick 
I am going to discuss these 5 levels and include a meditation for each in a few different blogs. Unconditional Self Love coming tomorrow. 

 Enjoy and think good thoughts about you,

Sue Schmidt C.HT, CMT
(720) 890 7453

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