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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pink Full Moon April 15 2014

Drawing by Sue Schmidt 4-13-14
The moon becomes full April 15 at 1:42am MST. This moon is called the "Pink Moon" because now is the time the pink phox plant begins to bloom delighting gardeners and observers of spring.
This particular Pink Moon will turn into a "Blood Moon" during the total eclipse which begins at 11:58pm and reaches totality at 1:07am.
I'm planning on setting an alarm for 12:30am and catching the totality.
A lunar eclipse is when the earth is directly between the sun and moon. The earth  blocks the light from the sun from reflecting off our beloved Moon. But the earth's atmosphere is dense and refracts (bends) the light from the sun.  This refracted light reflects off the moon creating the illusion that it is red.
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This full moon falls under the sign of Libra. This invites us to delve into our relationships with harmony and balance. When a relationship is balanced both people stand on the scale of Libra equally. Yin and Yang are balanced and compromise reigns. It also invites us to self reflection as relationships are our mirrors and show us clearly where we are.

A good meditation for relationships:

*Let your eyes close. Feel your connection deep into the earth through your feet or sit bones (if you are sitting on the floor. ). Feel connection to the energy above, through the crown of your head.

 *Feel and visualize the energy flowing down from above, through the crown of your head, through your body out your feet into the earth. Feel and visualize the  energy flow up from the earth through your body out the crown of your head.  When you feel grounded and relaxed then-

*Breathe into your physical heart on the left side of your chest as if your heart had a nose. If this feels uncomfortable then move your attention to your belly.

*Think of someone you love, who is easy to love and who you have a calm harmonious relationship with. 

*See this person, happy and well in your heart.

*Send them positive, loving energy.

* Now visualize yourself  and this person in the space in front of you. Hold your hands up and send light and loving energy into the space between you. and this person Ask you angels, and  helpful spiritual energies to help you. Ask that, "This space be cleared and for love to flow."

*Now, think of someone who is important to you, but perhaps you have a more challenging relationship with

*Repeat the steps above.

You can do this as many times. with as many people as you wish and have the time and energy for. Remember to channel loving energy from the space above and the earth below rather than using your own energy.

*Finally, come back to your belly, breathing in and out sitting in peace and send love and gratitude to yourself. You deserve your own love and respect as much as anyone on the planet.

Some American Indian names for this April Moon are:
Flower Moon-Cherokee
Moon when the Buffalo Drop their Calves-Cheyenne

Enjoy this Moon and its Eclipse. Celebrate and clear your relationships. Know all is evolving, changing, growing and moving into darkness and back into the light.

Peace and Happiness
Sue Schmidt