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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full "Honey" Moon June 13 2014

The full moon occurs at tonight at 11:11 MST.!!
This moon is often called the "Honey" moon. Its been traditional in many western cultures, dating  from the 1500's, to get married in June Hence, the term Honeymoon. The full moon near the Solstice  represents the culmination and fullness of a relationship. Happiness, fulfillment and completion.

Just as the sun is now traveling it highest arc in the sky the moon is rising the closest to the earth. The Earth's atmosphere bends the moon's light rays and this bending causes a drop in frequency of the light wave causing the moon to appear amber or honey in color. It is a color of warmth, good feeling and satisfaction.

This moon falls under the sign of Sagittarius encouraging us to expand our visions. We can see through many levels or reality on this full moon. And this perceptive viewpoint can allow us to consider new and surprising opportunities.

Some American Indian names for this full Moon are:

Green Corn Moon--Cherokee
Leaf Moon--Comanche
Moon of Planting--Hopi

Honey Moon Meditation: Go outside tonight and watch the moon rise at the horizon! Breathe into your belly and solar plexus and draw feelings of completion, fulfillment and happiness into your body. Absorb the warm amber color. Feel a pause, a temporary break in onward energy. Just appreciate yourself and everything exactly as it is.

Happy Honey Moon!

Sue Schmidt CMT, C.Ht