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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Message:The High Road

Hi All,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. This was the best solstice break I have had for a long time on many levels for both external and internal reasons. I have gone through a big shift in my thinking and energetic being. I have been struggling with taking the high road on a few relationship issues and resisting doing that. And boy! Does that take a lot of energy! Especially when you KNOW what the high road is and know what you need to do to take it.

What I mean by the high road is the action, or no action, that to the best of your knowledge, will be for the highest good of all. You know what the highest road is because when you visualize yourself doing it ,or being it, you feel GOOD. You feel happy, strong, in your body, and just good. You feel like you are vibrating at a higher level. And you are!

If you feel afraid, anxious, insecure or resentful then that is a signal that what you are envisioning is not right for you or anyone. When you take the high road you can let people go, and things go and it just feels good. When you take the high road you want everyone to feel as good as you do and wish everyone well and you feel so rich and full that you are not afraid that anyone will take anything from you. Taking the high road doesn't necessarily mean you'll be successful, rich, never get sick or never have anything bad happen to you. Altho I do believe that being in alignment with Spirit can make our lives easier on many levels. Taking the high road DOES mean you will be living with integrity and purpose and joy.

I think what is difficult is resisting taking the high road. Our ego fights against it . It feels like we are "giving too much." Or not being appreciated. Or that we are not getting what we want. There is tendency to want to fight, to be right. The ego says, "But what about me? What do I get?" The ego stays on the surface of things and makes surface judgements about people and things. The ego is ok and has its purpose and uses. Its very good for some things, just not for everything.

But...once you decide to take the highest road you can , then its easy! Then, Spirit, and the flow of energy all around of us will help us along. Utitmatel,y taking the high road is easier and much more fun!

So whenever you feel misunderstood, or victimized, try to offer back the opposite. When you feel like someone doesn't understand you, try to understand them.

That being said, I don't think we have to run around trying to fix everyone and everything. Basically, we just have to deal with what is in front of us. If you call or email someone to try to repair things and they don't respond or don't respond in a way that allows any opening, then you can just let them go and wish them well! If a situation, just won't change no matter what you do, then offer it up to spirit and walk away! We all have limits. And taking the high road doesn't mean we become anyone's doormat or allow ourselves to be around people who are toxic or not good for us. And as we evolve there are situations and people who just drop away. I's ok to just let people and things just go sometimes.

Everyones high road is different. If you are bushwacking through a deep dark jungle, you probably can't get on the super highway because you can't even envision it. If we try to take a road that is too high, too far away from where we are at any given moment, we will know, because we won't feel good and probably we will just won't be able to pull it off. For example, if there is someone you know that you really dislike, your high road may just to feel neutral, or even dislike them a little less, or just to not think about them at all. Another person's high road might be to love that person unconditionally! We all have to find where our personal high road is and do the best we can to stay on it.

And Spirit is always there, showing us signs and helping us along the way.

Of course, we never get anywhere alone. I want to thank my teachers Damaris Jarbeaux and Bobby Wood for showing me the high road and encouraging me to stay on it. For my husband Woody for being my best friend and showing me what I need to work on. For my girlfriends who listen to me when I am not on the high road. And for my client K. who recently had the courage to take the high road and give her problem up to Spirit and we both got to feel the big shift of energy that brought about! And of course, these are just the people who helped me make this latest shift. We are all being helped by everyone and everything all the time. So I guess I just want to say THANK YOU! to everyone.

So whenever you have a problem ask to be shown what is the high road is, ask for Spirit to help you and watch for signs and guidance. And most importantly, notice how you feel in your body. Notice feeling of lightness, happiness, and strength. This is what lets you know you are on the right road for you!

Thank you to everyone,