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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Energy of Love: Part 1

Sue and Osage sending Love
Sue and Osage sending Love
All emotions are Energy in Motion. Every emotion has an energetic and vibrational frequency.  The vibrational frequency of an emotion affects the physiology of our  bodies positively or negatively and this allows us to FEEL an emotion as a physical sensation.
Most of us are aware of how negative emotions affect our physiology: stress headaches, knot in the stomach, angry clenched jaw, fear in the solar plexus......the list is long and varied.
It is just as true that any positive emotion, love, happiness, pride, appreciation also affect our physiology.  Many of us are not aware of how love feels  in  our bodies. So the first step is recognizing how love feels physically.
You can learn to do this RIGHT NOW as you are reading this blog...
-Allow your face to relax and your eyes to half way close (so you can continue) reading
-Allow your breathing to become a little deeper and slower. You can count the inhale and the exhale, making the exhale 1 count longer e.g., Inhale 1....2.....3.... Exhale.....1....2......3......4.....Use whatever count feels good to you that slows your breath
-Now, shift your awareness to your physical heart on the left side of your chest
-Breathe into your heart as if your heart had a nose, slowly and gently. Notice any physical sensations that may arise
-Now, remember a time when you felt loved unconditionally and completely, or if you can't remember this,  imagine a situation. Or...remember a time when you felt love for a person, pet or community, or activity. Or imagine this.....
-Try to visualize this experience with all your senses; see it happening, remember the time and place, what  you were doing and who were with, what time of day was it, the weather, your age. Just stay with it. If the mind wanders (which it most likely will,)bring it back.  Do this for about 5 min.
-Now, scan your body. What do you feel? What does your breath feel like? Do you feel an expansion in your chest? A warmth? A tingling? Did you sigh? Do tears come? Just notice....there is no right way to feel and no wrong way. And if you don't feel anything at all, that is just a signal to practice this more and you will!
-Slowly open your eyes all the way. Look around the room. How do you feel physically? Notice how your body feels. Come all the way back!
Love has a signature feeling of warmth, tingling, an aliveness, an expansion. It feels good!  How does Love express itself in your body? Let me know!
You can practice this every day for 5-10 min. and once you know how love feels in your body, we can practice, just loving, without object or condition.  Coming next week!
This is FREEDOM!
Photo by: Rajni Ouroboros