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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wood Element Essential Oil Blend and Spring

Wood Element Essential Blend  and Spring

In 5 Element theory, spring is the time of Wood Element. 

Wood Element makes visible and known the energy of "pushing through". All the plants and trees are waking up and pushing out of the ground pushing out of their tight buds.

You can see this energy in the effort it takes a chick to peck its way out of an egg, a seed to crack open, a baby to be born. Have you ever seen a plant growing out of a crack in the sidewalk or a rock and wondered at how such a fragile thing could "push through" rock? That is the energy of Spring and Wood Element.

When this energy becomes blocked we experience anger. The anger gives us an extra umph to push through or go around or do things differently. It can be useful! 

If, however, we are not able to resolve the blockage our anger may turn to frustration or resentment and eventually depression. This is the shadow side of the Wood Element. 

The healthy balanced side of Wood is Power! The power to move toward what nourishes you and turn away from what doesn't. The energy to push through obstacles.

 The organs associated with Wood are Liver and Gall Bladder. At this time of year it is helpful to drink water with lemon, and eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. 

The blend I've created for Wood Element uses oils that are helpful for liver and gall bladder. On a another level, the oils in this blend are helpful for the release of anger and depression. The oils I chose also will help you manifest your dreams and push through obstacles.

Wood Element Essential Oil: 
Ingredients:  Cedar, Rosemary, Pine, Melissa, Rose, Geranium, Helischryum

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So......use your sense of smell to celebrate all the green and growing things! Use your power to manifest what you truly want and need and if you encounter obstacles remember the plant that grows through the crack in the rock. And sometimes if the ground is barren, we need to move to manifest our heart's desire. 

All the Best, 
Sue Schmidt CMT, C.Ht

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