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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucid Dreaming

A Lucid Dream occurs when, in the midst of a dream, the dreamer knows he/she is dreaming. Once we know that we are dreaming we can direct the course of our dreams. What fun! You can fly, travel, explore.... you can do anything you want free of the physical limitations of this reality. You also direct your dreams to heal deep unconscious patterns and fears.
I had a lucid dream experience just the other night after listening to the mp3 Lucid Dreaming available on the website

The Lucid Dreaming Mp3 enhances the ability to lucid dream through the use of brain wave frequencies. The program begins with Alpha brainwave frequencies (light sleep) that ramp down to Theta, and finally to Delta which brings the listener to deep sleep. The Delta frequencies are then periodically interrupted with Theta frequencies which bring the sleeper to a lighter level of sleep without fully awakening. The state of sleep just below conscious awareness is where lucid dreams occur.

In my latest lucid dream I was swimming below the surface of the blue water with the sun shinning through in beautiful colors. I started swimming toward the surface while holding my breath and I just couldn't find the surface. "How deep am I?"I wondered and started to panic. Then, I suddenly remembered or realized that I was dreaming. "This is a dream," I said to myself, "and so I can breathe underwater!" I began taking deep full breaths and continued swimming in the beautiful water. I awoke feeling relaxed and peaceful.

I'd love to hear your experiences of Lucid Dreams you may have had or any interesting dreams.

Sweet Dreams,
Sue Schmidt C.Ht
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