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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Moon Jan. 15 2014- We All Share the Same Moon

Full Moon Jan. 15 2014

Mini Moon
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The full moon is tonight! The moon becomes completely full at 8:52 MST. This moon is known as the “Mini Moon” because it so far from the earth. It is 50k miles farther from us, then it will be on Aug. 10 2014 full moon. The August moon will be this year biggest moon.

Jupiter is very close to the moon now. It is a fiery jewel below the moons mellow glow.

Astrology: This full Moon falls in the sign for Cancer. Emotions, relationships, and psychic connections are very close to us now. We crave connection  with ourselves and others. We may remember our childhoods more intensely.

American Indian Names: Arapahoe–When Snow Blows Like Spirits
Cherokee–Cold Moon
Hopi: Moon of Life at its Peak

I love Arapahoe name “When Snow Blows Like Spirits” It is windy in Colorado today and the snow is spinning and glittering in the sunlight. We all share the same moon. What does it look like where you are?
Sue Schmidt CMT, C.Ht