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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Present Momen vs. New Years Resolution

It doesn’t matter what you do, as much as it matters how you feel when you are doing it. "  Osage.....
Most of use, including myself,  are busy trying to do more. We want to exercise more, meditate more, work more, relax more…..the list can be endless. We feel this more keenly as a collective at the New Year. We are busy making resolutions based on what we think we should do. This is good and it is what human beings do. But we can take it lightly with a loving humor and acceptance of ourselves. 
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I've had fun making resolutions that I KNOW I can succeed at. Like, "I am going to try really hard to NOT be perfect." (-:
But I find that if I pay deep attention to what is actually happening around me and right before me, as well as  internally monitoring the shifting shapes, emotions and energies, as they  arise  and dissolve like clouds in the sky, that I feel satisfied, full and content.
There is something that feels very good about present moment awareness. And I wonder if someone, anyone, could be in the present moment constantly, would this be enlightenment? Would eating, walking, driving, writing ,sitting….thinking about and planning for the future, become enlightened activity?
I think then what we DO will arise effortlessly from a centered place where heart, mind, body and emotions are balanced. From this place of no effort, other than the effort to be in alignment with oneself, all unfolds.
Wishing you all Happiness,
Sue Schmidt C.Ht 
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