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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full Moon March 16 2014

Photo by Carl Galloway
The Moon was precisely full at 10:10am MST. When we see the full moon tonight it will already be waning, altho it will look full. 
According to the Western calendar, this is the final full Moon of winter. 

From a 5 Element Perspective, Spring actually  began on Feb. 7 so this is the 2nd spring moon. In the 5 Element system the height or middle of Spring is at the Equinox March 20. Its coming up!

This moon falls under the astrological sign of  Virgo. The Virgo moon encourages us toward self reflection and self awareness. Virgo is the virgin and in ancient thought, the virgin was one who stood alone, self aware and complete. The Virgo moon emphasizes moving toward our goals in small steps, in a methodical, careful way. It is time to feel our individuality. We are a drop in the ocean of the universe. We are the ocean and the drop and Virgo moon invites to think, reflect and ponder what our individual purpose may be. Virgo's magic understands how everything fits together to work and helps us master a talent, skills and how we can be of service to others. 

Some American Indian names for March Full Moon are;
Moon of the Whispering Wind--Hopi
Strawberry Moon--Cherokee
Eagle Moon-- Cree

Tonight go out and look on the moon. Consider that the moon shines on everyone equally, but it also shines just for YOU! What is your unique gift, talent, skill? Let the moon show you your gifts tonight in a dream or in meditation. 

In Peace, 
Sue Schmidt C.Ht, CMT